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    Stan Martin - Discography

    Stan Martin - Wicked Heart (2001)

    A guitar-slingin' sideman influenced by twangmeisters from James Burton to Clarence White to Albert Lee has brought Stan Martin his main notoriety on the Boston scene...
    The CD-EP Wicked Heart marks his first dive into the solo ranks and while the Tele is as string-bending fine as ever, the recording affords an opportunity to make acquaintances with Stan Martin the singer and songwriter. Moving in tempo from country shuffle to ballad to charged-up countrified rocker, decent country songs, each and every one from the pen of Martin, is the primary order of business on Wicked Heart. All of five songs in length, Wicked Heart could be considered a bit of a tease that leaves you hankering for more from where this came from.

    01 (I'm Still) Crazy Over You
    02 Wicked Heart
    03 Sad Man
    04 All I Want Is To Satisfy You
    05 Come On Back

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    Stan Martin - Cigarettes & Cheap Whiskey 2007

    STAN MARTIN is a quadruple threat. He writes great country songs, he sings like a real hillbilly, he plays the fire out of his telecaster and he produces everything with a radio friendly flair for detail." Billy Block -Western Beat Entertainment 

    STAN MARTIN's "Cigarettes and Cheap Whiskey" is a solid album of what country music has been, and will always be about, and that's song's of the heart. 

    Stan strikes a take no prisoners stance that lets you know that he likes his honky tonk to rock with songs like "(Walking on) The Wild Side of Life", "Thinking You're Wrong" and "I Got the Roadhouse Blues". Then in the next moment he gives you traditional songs of heartbreak such as "Not on Me" and "Forever Ended with You". 

    Although Stan wears his musical influences on his sleeve, his sound is never weary or rehashed. 
    Just listen to the Roy Orbison meets Johnny Cash influenced ballad "Don't Tell Me It's Over" or the Chris Isaak-like overtones of "Baby I'm Gone" and you know that his musical soul is as honest as they come. 

    Stan grew up in the inner city projects of South Boston, which may be an unlikely place for a future country songwriter and guitar player to get his start, but as Stan puts it, "there isn't any difference between growing up poor in a rural setting or in the city. Poor is poor." His mother's love of Merle Haggard, Buck Owens, and The Stanley Brothers, coupled with the fact the she too was a musician, fostered his love of the genre. His songwriting reflects that love and respect for a simple melody combined with honest lyrics. 

    01 (Walking On) The Wild Side Of Life
    02 Crying Over You
    03 Not On Me
    04 Maybe Someday
    05 Thinking You're Wrong
    06 Honky Tonk Fever
    07 Don't Tell Me It's Over
    08 Because Of You
    09 Baby I'm Gone
    10 Forever Ended With You
    11 I'm Leaving Town
    12 I Got The Roadhouse Blues

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    Stan Martin - Love Ain't That Tough  2009

    Stan Martin returns with Love Ain’t That Tough featuring his usual triple threat attack as a soulful singer, blazing guitar player, and extraordinary songwriter. With twelve new original songs penned by Martin, Love Ain’t That Tough is a record that brings to mind Chris Isaak meeting Dwight Yoakam circa 1965 with a generous dose of Roy Orbison thrown in for good measure. The disc brings back the energy and attitude that made Los Angeles the hot bed of roots music when the scene there saw Los Lobos, X, Dwight Yoakam, and The Blasters incestuously re-writing the book. 

    But it is the songwriting that ultimately separates Love Ain’t That Tough from the rest of the country, alt-country, and retro-country scene. Tracks like the elegant country-soul-pop of "Blue, Blue Tears” and the deep and isconsolate country ballad "Whiskey Morning Sunrise” follow in the long tradition from Hank Williams to Waylon Jennings. Nashville DJ Billy Block (WKFD 103FM) had this to say after hearing the record; "Stan Martin continues to lead the pack as 
    one of the premier purveyors of highly original honky-tonk country music. His latest recording exhibits his flair for catchy melodies, memorable guitar hooks and radio friendly vocal delivery.”

    Love Ain’t That Tough is a record that brings to mind Chris Isaak meeting Dwight Yoakam circa 1965 with a generous dose of Roy Orbison thrown in for good measure.

    01 Blue Blue Tears 
    02 Love Ain't That Tough 
    03 Whiskey Morning Sunrise 
    04 Missing You Blues 
    05 A Working Man Ain't Working Out For Me 
    06 Last Night I Cried Over You 
    07 Hard Life 
    08 Are You Still Mine 
    09 Set Me Free 
    10 No Money 
    11 How To Let Go 

    Bitrate:mp3, 160 kbps  Size:  53 MB

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    Stan Martin - Distilled Influences 2012

    The album's title, Distilled Influences, rises from the term Martin uses to describe his sound. "All of my influences are distilled through me," he adds, "it's how I have evolved as an artist finally finding my own voice." Martin will no doubt have to fend off the comparisons to Dwight Yoakam and Chris lssak once again as the press for Distilled Influences starts to pour in but this album may prove different as the songs on Distilled Influences all have a uniquely Stan Martin sound while running through a gamut of traditional country flavorings

    01 Should've Been Gone 
    02 Mr. Lonely Me 
    03 Goodbye Houston 
    04 He's Not There With You 
    05 I Do 
    06 Walk Away 
    07 You Got Me Singing The Blues 
    08 Right Now 
    09 Wanting For Love 
    10 You Let Me Down 
    11 Bluebird 

    Bitrate:mp3, 320  kbps  Size: 58 MB

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