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    Keith Urban - Singles 1990 - 2011

    Keith Urban

    Although born in New Zealand and raised in nearby Australia, Keith Urban made his biggest splash in Nashville, where he helped rewrite the rules of contemporary country music. By embracing drum loops and elements of Top 40 pop, Urban wrote songs that appealed to a wide audience, effectively satisfying his Nashville fans without alienating those more accustomed to pop music. He also became a genuine celebrity, known for his good looks, marriage to Nicole Kidman, and outspoken battle with alcoholism. Even so, it was the music that maintained Urban's career, from his work with the Ranch during the late '90s to the acclaimed solo albums that followed.
    Keith Urban began learning guitar as a six-year-old. His father, the owner of a local convenience store, agreed to hang a guitar teacher's flyer in his shop window in exchange for free lessons. The lessons went to his son, who demonstrated natural talent on the instrument and won several talent competitions while still in elementary school. Urban grew comfortable on-stage, and he worked on his singing and acting abilities as a member of the Westfield Super Juniors, a local theater company. Meanwhile, he took a cue from his father (who had a deep interest in American culture and country music) by gravitating toward the work of Glen Campbell, Dolly Parton, Don Williams, and Jimmy Webb, all of whom inspired his early attempts at songwriting. Urban added his own dimension to those influences when he discovered Dire Straits and became interested in the fretwork of Mark Knopfler, which led to in-depth study of Knopfler's technique.
    Australian country music was primed for a revolution at the start of the '90s, and Keith Urban -- young, brash, and blonde, with a guitar style that owed heavily to rock & roll -- was part of that transformation. After signing with the Australian branch of EMI Records, he issued his first album and scored several number one hits in his home country. Even so, Urban's sights remained on Nashville, TN, which he considered to be the birthplace of the music he loved. Having already taken trips to Nashville to forge career bridges, he soon decided to base himself in the city. His Australian bandmate, drummer Peter Clarke, also came along, and the two formed the Ranch during their first few months in America. Although their original bass player returned to Australia, West Virginian Jerry Flowers quickly stepped in.

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    01. Only You
    02. I Never Work on a Sunday
    03. Arms of Mary"Only You
    04. The River
    05. It's a Love Thing
    06. Your Everything
    07. But for the Grace of God
    08. Where the Blacktop Ends
    09. Somebody Like You
    10. Raining on Sunday
    11. Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me
    12. You'll Think of Me
    13. Days Go By
    14. You're My Better Half
    15. Making Memories of Us
    16. Better Life
    17. Tonight I Wanna Cry
    18. These Are the Days
    19. Once in a Lifetime
    20. Stupid Boy
    21. I Told You So
    22. Everybody
    23. Used to the Pain
    24. You Look Good in My Shirt
    25. Sweet Thing
    26. Kiss a Girl
    27. Only You Can Love Me This Way
    28. Til Summer Comes Around
    29. I'm In
    30. Put You in a Song"
    31. Long Hot Summer
    32. Without You
    33. The Twelfth of Never
    34. In God's Hands
    35. Start a Band
    36. Blue Sky
    37. Lean on M
    38. Live to Love Another Day
    39. Hit the Ground Runni
    40. If Ever I Could Love"

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